The SPX from the Dec 2018 low: X/2.5X/2X/1.5-1.6x :: 32/79/64 of 64/48-52 days

US Hegemonic and Global Historical Macroeconomic  Asset Valuation nonlinear fractal decay.

The 32/79/64 day growth pattern for the SPX since the 2018 December low represents confirmation  of the Lammert  self assembly fractal pattern characterizing the system’s maximum growth.  This is the final growth valuation saturation area of a 36/90/88 year US fractal series starting in 1807 with an initiating fractal of 18 years starting in 1790.   Asset valuations have exceeded those

reasonably expected on the base citizens’ wages and are related to the enormous bad debt created by the financial system. A  deterministic devaluation period has begun. Negative interest rates represent the leading edge of that devaluation with outright debt default coming.

The devolution will occur in a deterministic elegantly simple fractal manner which characterizes the asset valuation growth and decay of the global asset debt macroeconomic system.

The 2018 third of the Feb 11 2016 third of the 2009 third of the 1982 third of the 1932 third of the US hegemony  1807  36/90/88 year macroeconomic  asset debt valuation fractal  series began on 2 April 2018.

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