A Global Equity and Commodity Severe Valuation Collapse in a Quantitative Fractal Manner with a Nadir Valuation on 27 September 2022.

Current fractal analysis

Conditions: Federal Reserve Quantitative tightening; grossly inverted 2 year to 10 year US debt yield: 3.867% vice 3.45 %.

General timing: Implosion of Chinese debt bubble and collapsing 60 dollar equivalent real estate valuations. 

Quantitative Fractal timing: near the end of a 24 January 2022 y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y day decay series of 31/71/64 of 65 to 77 days. The current 64 day third fractal started on 16 June 2022 and is composed of a 19 day base. The final sequence could 9/20/15/5 of 12 days :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x. This would end a 24 January 2022 31/71/71 day decay series  on Tuesday  27 September 2022.

On a larger fractal scale the Sept 2022 devaluation occurs near the very end of a 2009 US composite equity 16/40 quarterly  :: x/2.5x  first and second fractal series.

The Shanghai Bank is following an November 2017  9/23/18/12 month decay series. The final daily decay series is an 8/23/2022 4/9/9/6 days.

The Chinese property index and the Shanghai composite index is following a 6/14/13/9 day sequence.

The CRB appears to be following a 28/58/44 week x/2x/1.6x fractal series from its April 2020  low.  From a 4/11/2022 intermediary low the CRB is following a 20/41/39/23 day sequence.  A remarkable drop in commodity prices would accompany a nonlinear drop in equity prices.
Silver as representative of the metal commodity group is following a 14 July 2022 8/20/16/12 day decay fractal series.

The final daily sequence for Bitcoin in USD is a 5 September 2022 3/8/8/5 day sequence.  

The CRB, precious metals and useful commodity metals, the Eastern and Western Composite Equites, the Chinese property index,  the Bank of China and Shanghai, and cryptocurrencies  arrive at a common fractal low point  on Tuesday  27 September 2022. 

The final decay sequence from its 9/12/2022 secondary high is 2/5/5/3 days with a low on 27 September 2022.

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  1. Current Fractal Analysis 21 September 2022

    1807 US Primary Equity/Commodity Fractal sequence:

    36/90/90/2 of 54 years with First and Second Fractal nadir valuations in 1842=43 and 1932, respectively, and Third Fractal peak valuation on 8 November 2021(including bitcoin in USD)

    Expected Crash Nadir: Thursday 29 September 2022.

    24 January 2022: 31/71/73 day decay series (Third decay fractal series of March 2022 low 33/66/35 of 36 to 66 week series)
    16 August 2022: 5/11/12/7 day decay series (Secondary final lower peak of 73 day third subfractal of 31/71/73 series)
    14 July 2022: 9/20/16/13 days (Interpolated fractal series after 16 June 2022 19 day base of 73 day third subfractal)

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