Macroeconomic Fractalism: The Science of the Global Asset-Debt System: The US Hegemonic 37/90/90 Year Blow-off

Asset Debt Macroeconomic Fractalism:  the new patterned science of the Global Macroeconomic System.
European commodities prices nadired in 1844. US cotton prices which supported US foreign debt nadired in 1843.
With its 18 year initiating fractal sequence, what is the exact final year, month, and week mathematical fractal sequence of the 1807 x/2.5x/2.5x :: 37/90/90 year final US hegemonic blow-off?
The new global transactional asset class whose subentities would logically appeal to the most sophisticated  of  the coming AI entities have declared the fractal time frame to the peak valuation of the US Hegemonic blow-off.