Remembering 11 October 2007: 20 21 September 2018: The SPX Two Day Double Opening Gap Blow-off and Final 21 September 2018 Key Reversal Day

SPX 3 day top


Remember  the key reversal day on 11 October 2007 for the Housing Bubble Debt Driven Equity Market?

21 September 2018 : the 1932 US Hegemony Third Fractal Peak US Equity Valuation.

What Causes Peak Asset Valuation Decline?  Global System Peak Accumulative Debt relative to first derivative asset possession, asset overvaluation, and total employment.


Nonlinearity in Complex Systems

The US 87 year 3rd fractal  will very likely undergo  major nonlinear decay  in a span of next 9 trading  days: in a  3/5 of 8/6-7  day decay fractal. The June 2018 Global Asset Debt System Nonlinear Decay is following  a complex 17/42/34/27 day x/2.5y/2x/1.6y reflexic decay fractal.

The 1807 to 2071 US Hegemonic 265 Year Lammert 4 Phase Fractal Asset Debt Macroeconomic Cycle

US initiating fractal: 18 years (1/2x) 1790-1807

US First Fractal Series: 36 years (x) 1807-1842

US Second Fractal Series:  91 years (2.5x)  1842-1932

US Third Fractal Series: 87 years to peak (near 2.5x)1932- 26 January 2018

Expected US 4th  Fractal Series: 54 years (1.5x) 2018-2071

Initiating US 3rd Fractal Daily  Decay Series: Exactly the same as for  the US Second Fractal Initiating  Decay Series.