The 1807 to 2071 US Hegemonic 265 Year Lammert 4 Phase Fractal Asset Debt Macroeconomic Cycle

US initiating fractal: 18 years (1/2x) 1790-1807

US First Fractal Series: 36 years (x) 1807-1842

US Second Fractal Series:  91 years (2.5x)  1842-1932

US Third Fractal Series: 87 years to peak (near 2.5x)1932- 26 January 2018

Expected US 4th  Fractal Series: 54 years (1.5x) 2018-2071

Initiating US 3rd Fractal Daily  Decay Series: Exactly the same as for  the US Second Fractal Initiating  Decay Series.