28 October 2020: the terminal day of a 3 October 2019 x/2.5x/2.5x/1.6x :: 36/90/90/58 day 4 phase fractal series.


The Mathematical Deterministic Fractal Science of the Global Asset-Debt Macroeconomy

In 1790,  organized auctioneering and trading in New York began forming the US  progenitor NY stock exchange. With the Buttonwood agreement in 1792, trading was formalized  with simple rules. Thus began the deterministic fractal progression of debt assisted US asset valuation growth, overvaluation, over-ownership  and  inevitable deterministic decay.

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The 18 year 1790-1807-08 initiating fractal series ending in the US depression of 1808 to 1810,  preceded the current 1807-1808 US Hegemonic 36/90/89 year fractal series and  is self similar to a 9 September 2019  18 day fractal sequence preceding  the current 3 October 2019  36/90/90/58 day sequence.

28 October 2020  concluding a daily (18)/36/90/90/58  :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.6x 4 phase fractal series will self similarly conclude the third 89 year fractal of a US Hegemonic  1790(18)/ 36/90/89/58 year four phase  fractal series.

Friday 7 August 2020 was the 90th day of  2.5x third fractal growth of a 3 October 2019  36/90/90/ 58 day : ;x/2.5x/2.5x/1.6 x fractal series terminating the self similar 1932 89 year third fractal  of a 1807-08 36/90/89/58 year US Hegemonic fractal series.

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 7.04.16 AM

Above depicts the SPX on 2 August 2020.  Friday 7 August 2020  was the 90th peak growth valuation day.

The peak growth to day 90 occurring on 7 August 2020 for the SPX resulting in a lower high valuation to its 19 February 2020 peak valuation was deterministically created by gross money fabrication and globally and historical lower sovereign interest rates with , for example, the German 30 year bond yielding  a negative 0.09 interest on Friday 7 August 2020.

The ideal 1.6x 58th day low would occur on  Wednesday 28 October 2020.

This 58th day 4th decay fractal ending the 1932  89 year US Hegemonic Third Fractal  is quantitatively self similar (time wise) to a 1807 US Hegemonic 58 year expected Fourth Fractal ending in 2077 transpiring with historically low and negative rates for sovereign debt instruments; financial engineering by sovereigns, central banks, financial industries, and corporations; and further equity and commodity bubbles, elevated by the debt creation by those named entities.

The Fourth US Hegemonic Fractal from  2020 to 2077  will be an Asset Debt Macroeconomic era marked by historically disproportionate money and debt creation.




Validation of the Fractal Nature of the Global Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System: The Great Crash: 36/90/85 of 90 Days Fractally Self-similar to the US Hegemonic 1807 36/91/89 Year Fractal Series.

It has been the goal of this website to prove that the Global Asset-Debt Macroeconomic system is deterministic and operates to simple mathematical valuation growth and decay fractal laws with enough precision to confer on Macroeconomics the characteristics of a patterned science.


 The Great Crash: 3 August 2020   Day 85 of 90 days. The Deterministic Great Global Equity and Commodity Crash:


The 3 October 2019 :: 36/90/85 of 90 day :: x/2.5x/2.5x series is fractally self similar to the 1807  US Hegemonic Great Fractal series of  36/91/89 years.

The Global Asset Debt Macroeconomic  System, characterized by the valuations of all its assets, including sovereign debt is quantitatively deterministic. 

Trillions of dollar-equivalents have been borrowed globally building over capacity and creating assets whose characteristics will not repay the debt on the ledgers.

Asset valuations are elevated by that excessive debt creation. 

Excessive debt creation leads to overproduction, over investment, excessive ownership,  and over valuation of assets. 

Valuations self correct in a deterministic nonlinear mathematical fractal manner determined by low nodal valuations.

The current 89 year US Third fractal beginning in 1932 is composed of two yearly subfractal series:  starting in 1932: 10-11/21-22/21-22 years 

and starting in 1982:  9/20/12 years

The final 12 year third fractal of the 1982 9/20/12 year final fractal  beginning in 2009 is composed  of three subfractals. The third subfractal  of this 12 year subfractal series began on 11 February 2016

and is composed of a 10/26/currently (as of August 3) 21 month fractals series.

This current 21 month third subfractal starting 24 December 2018 is composed of two weekly subfractal series:  7/18/18 weeks and 8/19/19 of 20/12-13 weeks …

The second 8/19/19/12-13 week subfractal series began on 3 October 2019 and on a daily basis  is self similar  to the 1807 US Hegemonic  yearly fractal series of 36/91/89 years.  This daily self-similar fractal series starting on

3 October 2019 is composed of 36/90/85 of 90 days with a low point on 1 April 2020 ending the second 90 day subfractal.

The self similarity of 3 October 2019  36/90/85 of 90 day series  to the US Hegemonic 1807 36/91/89 year series serves to validate the simple mathematical fractal nature of the global macroeconomic system.

Palladium in US dollars is also a strong marker  for the validation of the Lammert x/2.5x/2x/1.6x mathematical fractal series. 

3 August 2020 is the 24th week in a  16 August 2018 15/38/30/24 of 24 week :: x/2.5x/2x/1.6x fractal series. Expect palladium to undergo nonlinear devaluation.

This 15/38/20/24 week fractal composes 25 months which is the third subfractal of a  12 January 2016  10/23/25 month subfractal series.

For the DJIA the daily fractal series from 3 October 2019 are:

3 October 2019

first fractal series  7/15/16 days  = 36 days

the 90 day second fractal series is composed of two fractal subseries series:

8//(6/15//13/10) = 48 days  {(8//20//22) = 48 days}


6/15/15/10 = 43 days  ending 1 April 2020

The 90 day  third fractal series

 uses  a 13 day base interpolated in the  last 13 days of the second 90 day fractal 

(a 3/6/6 day) fractal series ending on 1 April 2020)

(13)/31/31 days

 and 9//4/10/5 of 10 days or 9/17 of 22 days

 Global crash devaluations of commodity valuations and equity valuations will occur over the equivalent next 5 trading days.