Integration of Gold Fractals: Assets, Debts as Assets, Sovereign Currency, and GOLD :: The Primitive Yellow Metal :: The Macroeconomic Asset-Debt System’s Linkage Element ….

Gold does not earn interest.
Negatively,  Gold requires credit units for storage and protection …

Yet Gold, the metal, denominated in the various sovereign currencies, represents  the Rosetta element linking the entire new paradigm  Global  ….. Asset-Debt  ……  Sovereign Currency- Sovereign Debt Relative to the Milieu Sovereign Debt – Newly 2009 Local Central Bank/Sovereign – Local Social Contract  Deterministic Obligations/Executions ….. Macroeconomic  System 

The US Hegemonic Six Generation Third Fractal: The Optimistic Economic Fractalist

The Self Assembly, Self Organizing Asset Debt Macroeconomic System has passed thru the nonlinear terminal portion of US hegemonic 1858 to 2009 152 year  Second Fractal intact, without world war, and ….  with a foundation for a secure future .

The US Hegemonic Third Fractal will span six generations and, built on antecedent social contracts, offer an umbrella of epic global opportunity for colossal creativity linked and propelled by GOOGLE and its hyper-connectivity , communication, scientific idea sharing, rapid integration, and innovative explosive behavior.

Expect the Very Great Unexpected … with Quantum Leaps of technology, social connectivity, and  with benefits for the Global Human Condition …

Now and  going forward in the perspective of human time measurement, is an extremely interesting era to live and engage in the very available, interactive, and linked human mind universe.