The Last Fractalist: Global Saturation Macroeconomics

All asset classes march, or more precisely, are self organized into fractal progressions which characterize the global  macroeconomic system and predict future macroeconomic growth and decay.

That is a profound observation that few of the great economic  Nobel laureates appreciate, although most have  an appropriate  understanding of the patterned recognition of falling and inverting US interests rates with the ten year US note now  yielding less than the 1 month US treasury bill – well associated and antecedent to falling equity valuations and economic recession for the end user citizens of the  global macroeconomic system.

What is happening?

The global macroeconomic system  is nearing  the equity apogee end of the US hegemony starting as a insignificant colony-nation in 1789-90, and initiated with a first class human rights constitution maximally  (to my belief) and disproportionally promoting hegemonic nation economic growth.

The assertion of this poor blog is that macroeconomic growth  progresses and decays  in a fractal  manner.  Very likely the observable universe  and everything in it expands and contracts in  a similar fractal manner, whose math like the Chinese aging methodology  is importantly  different.

For the US progenitor  equity system the fractal progression is 1/2x//x//2.5x//2.5x. this correlates  to 18/36/90/90 years …  approximately …

Incipient unpayable global debt, 14 trillion dollars of debt with negative interest rates, and destabilizing derivative bets on that unstable  global debt system are the exact causes for the ongoing fractal decline in US debt interest rate   or for the more knowledgeable, the paradoxical gains in the growth of US debt future value. 

Importantly All asset class valuations support all other asset valuations….

Individual asset valuation devaluation will  be directly dependent on the totality of ALL composite asset  and debt (also importantly an asset) devaluation (and first time (dt) order valuations/devaluations).

Why are US debt interest rates falling before Federal reserve interest are cuts? Because US debt is ultimately  backed by the composite productivity and nuclear resources and delivery systems of the United States.  Of all global asset class entities,  this is the least worst.

How will further necessary sovereign debt expansion affect the September 2019 decline of global equities?

Likely, for the common global earth citizen, not enough.

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