The Deterministic Self Assembly Asset-Debt Global Macroeconomic System’s Asset Valuation Quantum Asset Decay Collapse : Dependent on Underlying Bad Debt Default : 4 September 2012 :: 11/26-27/22-27 Days :: y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y … The Historical Collapse … After 6 November 2012

Lammert Saturation Quantum Fractals….  at the nonlinear  terminus of a US 1858 155 year equity continuum Second Fractal ….




The dominant valued asset in this very unstable asset-debt macroeconomic system currently is fully repayable U S sovereign long term debt futures …  these ‘investment instruments’ are the ‘quality asset’ in an otherwise collapsing bad debt saturated, overvalued asset saturated, and overproduced asset saturated  debt-asset system..

Good debt will be repaid, bad debt will not.

During the underlying bad debt exponential default US Sovereign Long Term Debt  Futures are in a blow-off mode with long term interest rates headed to substantially less than one percent.

Who facilitated the creation of the easy credit and population  bad debt saturation,  asset overproduction and asset overvaluation?

The Financial Debt  Equity Commodity and Hedge Fund  Industry.

The SuperRich who hold the bulk of Global Equities and US and other Sovereign debt instruments have molded the  monetary and debt system through paid-for political control, resulting favorable legislation, and the gaming of existing tax and legal loopholes over the last 100 years to advantage themselves – particularly at the expense of the traditional real economy and wage earner.

The growing ‘business’ of the money changer hedge funds  with their Nobel Laureates Gamers have circumvented established rules using gaming loopholes and the unregulated dark areas of derivative and paper/electronic asset exchange.

The real economy is now dominated by this money changing and churning  of the Elite  Financial Equity and Commodity Gaming and Debt Industry. The boom bust cycles especially since the 1998 LTCM central bank orchestrated bail-out has created a de facto coup d’etat of the real economy by the Financial  Debt Industry and Superrich.

The Financial industry manages the US debt and has  ownership and primary first use of the Sovereign’s money.

At the height of the 2008 debacle the US Debt Industry owed more than 17 trillion dollars – more than all of the US  citizen’s household debt, more than  all of corporate debt, and nearly twice as much as the then existing US federal government net debt.

Borrowed money was used to leverage  the system’s real estate, equity, and commodity asset valuations, scamming  money during both the boom valuations and subsequent bust devaluation.

The plurality business of America is now the maintenance and increased accumulation of the wealth of the entitled rich through their legislated facilitated and favored money borrowing, lending, and asset churning trading activity and through first ownership use of low interest money trading and leverage activity.

With the Financial Debt Industry’s firm control of both political parties .. one thing is relatively certain – more and more of the same with increasing peripheralization of the traditional economy where actual labor and service is traded for other like real elements in the economy through a medium of work-based currency and augmented by reasonable borrowing  from traditional banking sources paying a  reasonable interest on savings and making profits on a reasonable lending rate.

During the coming  collapse, the Financial Industry will emerge ever more wealthy and, with their owned politicians,  paying an  ever lower tax rate on their money changer ‘investment’ gains – worth intrinsically more by the established legislative gaming rules – more than citizen derived work equivalent  gains.



Broken?  Frankensteinian?







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