16 March 2020: The US 1932 90 Year Third Fractal Incipient Daily Decay Fractal Series :: y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y Great Nonlinear Crash


Quantitative Deterministic Asset Debt Saturation Macroeconomics:

Ultimately, it’s very simple fractal math.

16 March 2020

Day 12 of a Jan 31 2020  6/15/12 of 12-15 day spx decay  fractal series  of the 1929 89 Year US Third Fractal

For the 1929 US Second 90 year Great Fractal, a decay fractal of 10-11/26/26 days  lowered US composite equities from their highs to about a  46-47 % nadir and 30 months later in June 1932 to a 90 percent nadir from those 29 highs   as on-the-books liquidating bad debt,  reduced asset over ownership and collapsing asset overvaluation reestablished a trough equilibrium finally dominated with incipient new asset valuation growth.
The 1932 US Great 90 year  Third Fractal  with an incipient 31 January 2020  growth terminal 6/15/12-15 day decay fractal series will likely represent at least a similar 1929 50 percent initial drop, likely more…  If simple fractal proportionality represents the operating factor in Asset Debt Macroeconomics, the decline in months for the US  90 year  Third Fractal nadir will be about half that of 1929.
1790-1807  18 year initiating US Fractal
1807-1842-3  36 year First US Fractal
1843-1932 90 year US Second Fractal
1932-2020  89 of 90 year US Third Hegemonic  Fractal
2021-2074  US 4th Fractal Decline … ??? Rise of the Chinese-Indian Hegemony



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