The Self Assembly Asset Debt Macroeconomic System : 68/137(20/50/40/30) days….

There is something more than the simple elegant Lammert 4 phase fractal series in this evolving gold in US dollars progression … This progression like Google incipient 8/18/16/13 month 4 phase fractal series … is a blue print pattern for a larger 1000 year US macroeconomic system progression. The 1858 nadir, instead of the end of a first fractal progression,  was , rather, the midpoint of an initial base fractal sequence from 1789 until 1932 …

While asset-debt deterministic fractal macroeconomics is obviously less than trivial in the scope of the  exponentially expanding understanding of the known elegantly mathematically patterned  universe, the fractal pattern of grown and decay  in derived human activities shares the self assembly and patterned science characteristics, both linear and nonlinear, of the expanding larger universe both at large scale and  at quantum scale, where debt like empty space is something the substance of the real economy can expand into.


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