The Asset-Debt System’s Current Premiere Asset: The US Sovereign Ten Year Note Futures: Its Blow-off Base Fractal Completed 17 October 2012

At the beginning of massive global bad debt default, the redeemable US long term debt future’s has completed it base growth blow-off fractal and the Wilshire has reached it’s 17 October 2012 tertiary lower high to 14 September 2012, the lower secondary high to the Wilshire’s predicted 11 October 2007 nominal high.

In spite of the terminal spiked growth in housing starts, the base real economy, the US consumer forward consumption current labor traded for acquired future debt dependent economy is saturated – saturated in unrepayable debt, in over valued asset, and in lower paying and fewer total jobs to support unsustainable asset valuations – a plurality microcosm of the global macroeconomy and misfortune that is the current Eurozone and the chokingly uncomfortable and untenable yoke that is the Euro.

The Euro fractal pattern is an inverse projection of the dominant Ten Year US Futures Fractal series. The Euro/dollar ratio  gapped to a close secondary high to its previous near term 14-17 September high and  endied near the low of the day.

Expect the expected:

Asset growth in a asset that will not be defaulted on as bad debt undergoes default and all other asset classes – losing the support of vanishing bad debt, formerly considered to be an actual asset – undergo nonliner devaluation.

Expect the Expected: Asset Debt Saturation Economics: The Daily Gap in the 15-16 October 2012 Wilshire has transpired…

Keynesian counter stimulation to the Wall Street London Brussels Debt Industry’s leveraged collapses is necessary to maintain the unbalanced system’s continuation – along with global war – that organize and employ the masses of idle youth – who without paid organized activity – could upset the transgenerational wealth transference system.

Money acceleration has decreased because demand forward consumption has been and is beyond saturated. The population of credit worthy debtors is exhausted.  Lower paying jobs sustained through QE have provided a basis for temporary push back on asset devaluation and continued borrowing for automobiles and very low end housing … and speculators  are taking the historically lower interest rates and  ‘entering the market’  providing purchasing support for properties targeted at wage slave renters.

Meanwhile, bad debt, the debt shackled and  thrown onto the western citizen wage slaves by the Wall Street, London, Brussels.Debt Industry is undergoing an unobserved and accelerating fractal collapse.

The rules created the Wall Street Debt Industry’s proxys so favor the equity class speculators and seemingly so punish the savers. That is the irony and the paradox.

The greatest wealth transfer occurs during the asset collapses created by preceding debt elaboration and asset overvaluation by the Wall Street debt Industry. And being scott free of fraud investigation and criminal prosecution, the sellers of US sovereign and owners of the system are too big to simply contain…

Expect the expected…  For the US dollar:  a 5/12/8 day base fractal and  for the Euro a reciprocal 5/12/8  apical fractal – with the 8th day a blow-off gapped day  for the third fractal of the Euro series … was completed on 16 October 2012.

Self Assembly Asset Debt Saturation Economics: The 4 September 2012 Wilshire 10-11/23/22-26 Day Historical Crash Sequence

The Historical Equity and Commodity Crash of October-November 2012 will have fractal decay similarities to that during the fall in 1929. The US Sovereign debt futures points to a final lower lower high on 25, 26, or 29 October 2012. This will be substantially below the 15 October lower lower high.  The likely mathematical sequence for the Third 22-27 day Decay Fractal are  y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y :: 4-5/10-12/10-12 days.