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The March 2019 posting: The new global transactional asset class whose subentities would logically appeal to the most sophisticated of the coming AI entities have declared the fractal time frame to the peak valuation of the US Hegemonic blow-off.

The March 2019 posting … Bitcoin is that asset class, of course…

Bitcoin is the proxy for those blockchain secure entities which cuts across and cuts out the old hegemonic transactional systems, where in,  the new transactions  are sophisticatively  computerized;  securitized;  distributed  globally, multinodally, and (relatively)immutably;  and  … denationalized  … denominated in units and elements which an AI Sovereign  can appreciate …


Integral Total Valuation of Global Debt and Asset Wealth Supporting The Deterministic Fractal Macroeconomic System

The total value of assets and debt instruments as assets of the global macroeconomic system supports the total value of the system. Only through the net positive expansion of integral  total system private citizen, corporate, state, and central bank debt growth can the system’s first derivative  of total valuation remain positive.

The major inflection points of the macroeconomic’s system’s peak valuations and nadir valuations represent the first derivative zero levels of global net debt growth and net bad debt liquidation, respectively.

Where is the system in relation to its major peak inflection first derivative zero point of net debt expansion?

Very very close  … but first an expected mathematical blow-off conforming to a 16/40/40 hegemonic perfect fractal pattern.

The US hegemonic system will  reach only year 88 of a potential 90-91 third fractal maximal year peak of a 1807 potential 36+/90-91/90-91 year :: x/2.5x/2.5x blow-off series.