THE US HEGEMONY’S 1877 TO 2021 GREAT NONLINEAR SECOND FRACTAL COLLAPSE: From the March 2020 SPX Low: 8/20/16 Weeks :: x/2.5x/2x to Peak Valuation: 4-5 days of follow-on Nonlinear Collapse.

When global equities and commodities nonlinearly collapse this week marking the end of an 1877  US 145 year US hegemonic second fractal;  take reassurance that the collapse  in valuation will be followed by the initiation of third fractal growth, with rapid  inflationary valuation growth  of equities nd commodities monetized and supported with negative interest rates of Western countries’ long term sovereign bonds. The expected ideal second fractal length from the March 2020 low 38 day (x) SPX base was  95  days (2.5 x) (20 weeks). The observed length to the second fractal low was 93 days (20 weeks), which set the ideal base at 37 days. The expected ideal  third fractal (with a 37 day ideal base fractal)was 74 days (2x) to peak valuation. The observed peak was 74 days.  The three phase valuation growth SPX weekly fractal pattern from to March 2020 low  valuation  to January 2021 peak valuation was x/2.5x/2x or 8/20/16 weeks and nonlinear collapse will conclude over a x/2.5x/(2+)x pattern or 8/20/17 weeks.


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