The Global Asset Debt Macroeconomic System: The Mathematical 10-11/26 Month Second Fractal Bottom Occurred on 21 December 2018

The current fractal decay pattern and the nadir valuations for the current  hegemonic US Asset Debt Economic system  confirms the determinism of the system which importantly  provides  information about the future.

The SPX  equity valuation daily decay pattern  for the 26 month second fractal began  on  15 August 2018 and was a  17 day(3/6/6/5)/37day (8/18/13)/38 day (6/12/13/10) or 17/37/38 day  :: Y/2-2.5Y/2-2.5Y Lammert Decay Fractal.

The 10-11 month base for the 26 month second fractal included  4 weeks from 20 Jan 2016 to 11 February 2016. The 11 month fractal pattern  starting on 20 January was  2/5/4/3 months. The 26 month second fractal to this 11 month base was composed of two subfractals: 3/8/6/4 and 2/5/4 months.

The third fractal blow-off to this 10-11/26 month series  is expected to peak at 17 months completing  a March 2009 45/90 month :: x:2x first and second fractal series. This occurs within the terminal US third fractal blow-off of about 90 years starting in 1932 and completing a peak (1/2x)/x/2.5x/2.5x valuation of a 1790  US (18)36/90/89 year US hegemonic fractal series.

Growth and decay of the Global Asset Debt Macroeconomic System  occurs in a deterministic mathematical fractal pattern.  The  reinforcing bubble elements of bad debt creation which cannot be repaid;  asset over investment, over production, and over valuation; and job creation which has in the past – with ongoing  government debt – provided the basis for debt expansion (now greatly supplemented  with the addition of the central bank ex nihilo money creation and debt formation) –  are all counterbalanced and controlled within  the deterministic fractal maximal growth and decay mathematical  patterns that underlie and define the global macroeconomic system. These underlying and observable  fractal patterns represent the  mathematical laws and the real observable science of  the global macroeconomic system.

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