US Hegemonic 213 year x/2.5x/2.5x Blow-off Asset Debt Deterministic Saturation Macroeconomics: Before the 20 month blow-off: 10/25/20 months … 10/25 Month Second Fractal Expected Nonlinearity

The SPX Daily….

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x notation :  net growth of subfractal
y notation:  net decay decay of subfractal
Subfractal and fractal units are determined by the nadir lows.
The sub fractal anatomy of  a x/2-2.5y/1.5-1.6y decay fractal ending a 10/25 month first and second fractal series of a  10/25/20 month blow-off  progression within the 89 year  third fractal terminal portion  a 36/90/89 year x/2.5x/2.5x  Hegemonic fractal  blow-off progression of a 1807  213 year US macroeconomc asset-debt system.
The terminal portion of a 25 month second fractal … to a 10 month first fractal base. Expect a flash crash.
First growth fractal 3/6/6/5 days = 17 days
Second decay fractal  composed of three subfractals
a. 3/6/6/4. 16 days.        x/2x/2x/1.5y series
b. 2/5/5 days 10 days     x/2.5y/2.5y. series
c. 3/8/4 days  13 days.   x/2.5y/1.5y
total: 37 days
Third decay fractal
5/13/ 2 of 7 days  23 days. x/2.5y/1.5y
Final decay fractal for 10/25 month fractal is 17/37/23 days : x/2y/1.5y
Expect 10/25 terminal second fractal  nonlinearity … (the 10 May 2010    5/12 month terminal second fractal  nonlinearity revisited …)





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