The Deterministic Self-Assembly Asset Debt Macroeconomic System: The Exquisitely Elegant Gold-in-US-Dollars and Gold Mining Stocks Fractals


By a different curvilinear growth competing with

decay fractal combination: 4/8/6 days  :: y/2y/1.5y ..

and a final decay fractal of 6/13/12 days ::

y/2-2.5y/2y …

Unlike 2000, leveraged highly indebted gold mining companies and stocks which contributed most heavily in a weighted fashion to the HUI and XAU composites ended on a lower low than gold in US dollars ….  and a month later .. on the 125th month of the 2.5x second fractal of a 50/125 month gold in US dollars fractal series…

The elegance and the self-assembly precision of the asset debt saturation macroeconomic system is defined in the large 10-11 year lower low gap and the final lower low gap and reversal on the final day of the  above daily series … The linkage of the gold in US dollars 50/124 month fractal series and the complimentary    29/67-68/54/41-43 monthly growth and decay more heavily weighted HUI/XAU series will demonstrate the system’s very precise operating determinism …..

All linked to valuations of US 30 year bonds ….