Three Automatic Sequesters: Two by Goldman Sachs and One by the Asset Debt Macroeconomic System: The DAX and SPX 2013 Crash: A Replay of 1929

Asset-Debt Saturation Macroeconomics : The Patterned Operating Science of the One Quadrillion Dollar Equivalent Global Economic System.

At the exact timing of expected 156 year Asset Debt US Equity Second Fractal deterministic collapse, three sequester are occurring.

THE SEQUESTER DIVERSION SET UP: Shifting Attention to Congress, while the inside Wall Street Financial Industrialites are 50:1 sellers of equities…

“Wall Street Shrugs”

CBS:                                                                                                                                      ” IF WASHINGTON DOESN’T MUCK IT UP, WE’RE (THE US ECONOMY)  IN REASONABLY GOOD SHAPE.”

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Three automatic sequesters are now transpiring.  Two involve fishhead manipulation and directly involve and/or have a large money trail and origination linkage squarely to the Financial Industry. The Third automatic sequester, whose time window is  now naturally occurring, involves  the time dependent deterministic self correcting self organizing Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System and the inevitable sequester and nonlinear collapse of defaulting bad debt and overvalued equities against the macroeconomy’s real operating dynamics.

Starting backwards,

The 3rd Sequester

The third sequester is precisely this: the Asset Debt System’ system natural 1858 155 year nonlinear asset valuation collapse time frame  and the macroeconomic system’s natural inexorable time dependent implosion sequester of bad debt. It will come in the form a self organizing y/2-2.5y/2-2.5y decay series which has a base of 10-11 days and as of 1 March 2013 was on the 19th day of the second decay fractal. Asset valuation decay begins in terminal asset valuation growth. In other word’s,  the asset-debt  system’s natural third sequester began 29 trading days before the 1 March Wall Street originated-linked sequester.

As of one 1 March 2013, the date  the Wall Street-linked First Sequester started, the SPX and DAX as proxies for the larger one quadrillion dollar asset-debt global macroeconomic system had reached a maximum x/2.5x/2.5x :: 13/32/32 week growth fractal series which is the terminal portion of a March 2003 21/53/49 month :: x/2.5x/near2.5x  maximum equity growth fractal series. The 2003-2013 fractal series forms the terminal portion of a 1982  9/24 year fractal series which is the terminal 32 years of a 1932 15/37/32 year fractal series, which forms the second half  terminal portion of a 1789/1858 :: 70/156 year US first and second fractal series.

Is the forward consumption usury asset-debt macroeconomic system this regular in its patternicity … whereby natural and imputed excesses of debt elaboration with the directly caused asset over production, asset over consumption, and asset overvaluation collectively integrate into and compose a Asset Debt Macroeconomic System?  In this system with its particular existing asset advantaged tax laws ,  are self organizing timed based quantum Gompertz growth asset valuation saturation curves self-assembly created and with asymptotic limits completely depleting the interested and able  investor population – with subsequent natural nonlinear and Gompertz devaluation corrections?

Examine the equity or commodity asset valuation time-based saturation curves. Observe the quantum and fractal growth periodicity of the curves over hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades.

Is the forward consumption usury asset-debt macroeconomic system this regular?

Likely so.

The equity valuation curves and their quantum time based progression are easily amenable to retrospective analysis. That future retrospective analysis, available to all, will show the Asset-Debt system to have the patterned properties of an undeniable self assembly naturally self organizing science .

In this current short term 2013 time window – with the preceding leveraged degree of  current debt load and with global governments, now directed by the ruling central banks and ruling financial houses, undergoing austerity measures and preventing the necessary  debt expansion to maintain the forward based consumption-debt system – expect  the US 1858 155 year  second fractal  nonlinear asset valuation collapse , to be historically profound.

The 2nd Sequestration

The second sequestration is the electronic dollar credit which will be sequestered from late buyers and long term holders in the equity market so well reassured and encouraged by the central bank and cheer leading former Fed Chairman  … and the news casters as the individual above.. The sequester taken be from these trusting counter party individuals and placed directly into the electronic accounts of the financial industry who will make historical electronic gains in the greatest transfer of wealth of all time.

The 1st Sequester

The first sequester is the ‘Diversion Sequester’ considered senseless by both parties and the general citizenry who have a special existing contempt for congress. IF WASHINGTON doesn’t muck it up…. The Diversion Sequester was introduced in July 2011 by Gene Sperling who works with the president but according to Bloomberg received over 880K from GS in 2008 and an additional 150K from the Financial Industry.

As the the deterministic natural Asset Debt system Third Sequester inexorably transpires, as the Financial Industry Second Sequester transpires – with GS and the Financial Industry having their greatest ever transfer of wealth  from their unfortunate counterparties – the Diversion First Sequester originated  by a financial industry’s 2008 million dollar recipient, will  provide the financial industry with some cover as both political parties exhaust themselves in publicly blaming and lambasting each other for ‘causing’  ‘precipitating’ the inevitable, inexorable, and  naturally-occurring  Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System Third Sequester 155 year US second fractal collapse.

Will the viciousness of the parties attacks on each other be enough diversion cover for the Financial Industry?  Will the public allow them to keep their gains?  What other events could transpire to sufficiently  camouflage and obfuscate the  FI’s 2013 historical gains in the midst of general calamity? This is  same elite group that leveraged and collapsed the real economy in 2008, sold sub prime CDO’s to customers while shorting the issues,  was re bankrolled with sovereign money with impunity, had 144 billion dollars in bonus in 2010, and who paid penalties for criminal activities with created ex nihilo first use money chump change from the central bank. They’ve always got away with it before; can they pull off it off again?

Likely something more than First Sequester Ruse will be needed to sufficiently distract the public attention…

THE REAL ASSET-DEBT MACROECONOMIC SYSTEM  156 YEAR 2nd FRACTAL                                                                   SEQUESTER

Goldman Sachs’ Money Connection to Sequestration And The Budget Control Act of 2011: SPX Maximumly Saturated Growth 13/32/32 weeks

The greatest amount of system skimming by the financial industry occurs during the Asset-Debt Macroeconomic system’s natural nonlinear events. Even at the lowest interest rates, the population of investors in an asset class becomes depleted near the top of a timed based asset valuation saturation curve.

While billions can be scammed (legally) in a very short time span, the zero sum gain math of the exchange requires the shearing of counterparties-  especially those who are conned into the asset market near peak valuation – by those who have the wherewithal to con…

In 2004-2007, it was counterparty sheep who were sold real estate CDO’s and CDS’s and in a real economy the new owners of grossly overvalued real estate.

The Global Asset-Debt Macroeconomic is currently at a natural historical nonlinear asset collapse time frame which can be traced to 1858 in its current Hegemonic US equity markets.

Growth of debt and corollary asset valuations and asset numbers have expanded together in a long more natural pattern from 1858 to 1913 and more recently in very superleveraged and less natural manner by fractional reserve banking and the financial industry’s new extremely leveraged debt and bet vehicles.

While the timing of the collapse is inevitable and deterministic, the amount of debt creation by the financial houses and asset overvaluation and asset overproduction has reached unprecedented levels and subsequent  asset price deleveraging and debt collapse will be proportional to the current extreme dysequilibrium.

The financial houses and ‘insiders’ will make record ‘profits’ as asset valuations collapse in a relatively short span time.

While collecting this money and while the counterparties and individual citizens are suffering, a distraction, a diversion, a ruse was/is needed to shift blame and displace anger onto a third party.

Who would that third party be?

Apparently the financial industry’s target is both US political parties and the executive office.

As the Asset-Debt system’s asset valuations suddenly collapse, Congress and the president will provide the cover and distraction as they vehemently and non elegantly blame their reciprocal  opposition for not getting off their asses.

The wicked congress held currently in such  low esteem by the public will serves as the diversionary Fall Guys providing the cover for the Financial Industry as electronic wealth is transferred into their accounts.

The same opposing congressional group that rescued the financial industry with 750 billion in 2 weeks bipartisanship,  apparently could not reach a decision over 18 months about 85 billion dollars a year needed for ordinary citizen job maintenance.

The financial industry is counting on the publicity and political war rhetoric of the counterblaming parties and the simple post hoc ergo propter hoc logic that is the general public’s modus operandi.

Just who came up with the idea of sequester and its timing?

Where leads the money trail?

The idea of sequester as incorporated into the 2011 Budget Control Act was introduced by National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling. on 12 July, 2011. As a solution to the ever present debt ceiling crisis he proposed a compulsory trigger that would go into effect if agreement was not reached on tax increases and/or budget cuts equal to or greater than the the debt ceiling increase by a future date. (1 March 2013)

According to Bloomberg News, Sperling earned $887,727 from Goldman Sachs in 2008 for advice on its charitable giving and $158,000 for speeches mostly to financial companies. That is a million dollar money trail.

And now Sperling is possibly the source for Bob Woodward, who has placed the sequestration origination concept squarely in the president’s house much to the glee of the president’s congressional counter party.

The salivating republicans and salivating democrats are prepared for battle and have their press releases and video’s readied providing evidence of  sequestration’s ownership.

Will the intracongressional-executive Sequestration Blame War be enough public distraction to cover the financial industry as it legally rapes the system and fills it accounts with electronic ones and zero’s during the deterministic  quadrillion dollar equivalent Global  Asset-Debt nonlinear collapse?

Likely not.  

SPX Sept 2011 ::  13/32/32 weeks Maximum Asset-Debt System Growth

March 2003 :: 20/52/49 months :: x/2.5x/near 2.5x and proceeding to y/2.5y/2.5y 21/53/49 months




Did The US Treasury (Goldman Sachs) Influence the Sequestration Concept And The 1 March 2013 Date? The Very Natural Quantum Expected One Quadrillion Asset Debt System 15.5 Trillion SPX Asset Proxy Marker Collapse

The 28 February 2013 SPX was puny and did not best 1532 but it did conform to a lower peak valuation ending on the low of the day and the 20th day of 10/20 day x/2x fractal series and the 7th day of a 3.5/9/7 day final lower high fractal series and the 18th day of a 27 December 2012 8/19/18 day fractal series…

28 February 2013 completes a September 2011 13/32/32 week fractal series and a 21/53/48 month 2003 Nikkei/SPX fractal series….

Historical nonlinear asset valuation collapse including 27/67/54 month gold denominated in US dollars valuation collapse lies immediately ahead…..