The March 2020 28/70/67 of 70 Week May 2023 Global (non debt) Asset Crash Devaluation

Over the next 3 weeks and 15 trading days, basic use and precious metal commodity prices, cryptocurrencies, and global equities will undergo a severe crash devaluation reflecting both the historical money supply increase in the covid QE period and the subsequent consumer inflation central bank QT response with historical draconian money supply contraction. Only in the 1930s has money contraction occurred to this degree.

An average total asset growth and decay series from the March 2020 low of 28/70/67 of 70/42 weeks :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x is undergoing self-assembly.

This will complete the first and second fractal of an interpolated 1982 13/31/31-32/20-19 years series, which is part of the US hegemonic 1807 36/90/90/54 year series with a low in 1842/43, a low in 1932, and a third fractal high valuation in November 2021.

Expect rapid lowering of Fed Funds interest rates after the crash.

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