The US Hegemonic 1807 Global 36/90/90/54 Year Fractal Series

November 2021 represented the peak valuation for the US Wilshire 5000. This was the third fractal 90th year of a 36/90/90 :: x/2.5x/2.5x maximum year growth fractal series for the great US hegemony. This hegemony has been protected and advantaged by two large expansive east and west oceans, by nonthreatening north and south bordering countries, by abundant natural resources and energy production, and by capitalism – both during the great global wars of the 19 teens and 1940’s. But, as the US’s internal war of the 1860’s clearly demonstrated , the greatest enemy for the US is within itself and its competitive reelecting polarizing political democracy. This divide is manisfested and joined today by political disinformation, industrial global warming, nuclear war, and AI – all also representative of an enemy within ….

The great world economic blocks – the US, China, the European Union, Japan , India, and Russia are at an inflection point of the Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System. The current 420-480 trillion dollar valuation eqivalent of the global asset debt system is in a dysequibrium of great magnitude. Debt facilitated and manufactured for asset creation and valuation are disconnected from the base pf the pyramid’s population ability to repay the debt and principal due and the consumer price inflation created. Default of overreached debt will, of necessity, occur and an implosion of the inflated asset valuation will occur. The asset debt system appears to follow a simple mathematical progression just as the ordered 1807 36/90/90 year progression suggests.

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  1. Illinois Farmer

    BURY this old Illinois farmer with respect.
    He slept the Illinois nights of his life after days of work in Illinois cornfields.
    Now he goes on a long sleep.
    The wind he listened to in the cornsilk and the tassels, the wind that combed his red beard zero mornings when the snow lay white on the yellow ears in the bushel basket at the corncrib,
    The same wind will now blow over the place here where his hands must dream of Illinois corn.

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