The Patterned Science of Asset-Dedt Saturation Macroeconomics: Incipient 54 year US Hegemony Fourth Fractal Nonlinear Collapse: The Great Global Equity and Commodity Crash Ending Mid October 2022

From the Global Equity March low in 2020, the concluding cycle fractal pattern is 5/13/10/7 months :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x. The  terminal 7 months are composed of a 5/12-13/12-13 week :: y/2.5y/2.5y decay fractal series.

On 8 November 2021, the composite US Wilshire reached its current peak valuation of nearly 49 trillion dollars (48 trillion, 952 billion, 510 million dollars). On that date 8 November 2021, the deterministic Global Asset-Debt Macroeconomic Self-Assembly and Self-Balancing System  reached its maximum time based x/2.5x/2.5x multi-year maximum fractal growth pattern for the global system’s current US hegemony dating from 1807 of 36/90/90 years with a US Great Second Fractal 90 year low in mid 1932. The US Louisiana purchase property bubble peaked  and collapsed with the US Panic of 1837, concluded  with the system’s nadir of commodity price valuations in 1842/43, and ended the US First Great Fractal starting in 1807.  The US Fourth Great Fractal of expected 1.5x length or 54 years started at the US Great 90 YearThird Fractal’s peak in November 2021 and  is expected to conclude in 2074.  Since 2009 the Global Asset-Debt System’s unbalanced debt and social contract obligations have required both money creation and near zero  prime interest rates to sustain the system’s social and debt obligations. The principal future countervailing elements  for the necessary  default continuation of the Asset-Debt System  to offset existing debt and social obligations are 1. rising US property valuations which have proven to be easily inflated with financial engineering (2002-2008), historically low interest rates (2009-2021) , and outright money creation (2009-2021), 2. these future rising property valuations will be offset by commodity inflation caused by that financial manipu;ation and by ending global energy and commodity resources, 3. these dwindling finite commodities will be  offset by biotech and genetic engineering and   innovation and hopefully thorium and other fission nuclear reactors capable of producing carbonless energy, and 4. an unstable collective enforcement under the umbrella of continued nuclear weapon production with advanced delivery technology. For humanity this  is a scary, tenuous next half-of-a-century US Fourth  Fractal future with significant base population social and economic stress. The  development of non=democratic autocratic governments  in the West, in Japan, and in India is a likely political outcome of the US 54 year Fourth Great Fractal of the  Global Asset-Debt Macroeconomy.

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