Equity Peak Saturation at a maximum second fractal growth of 2.5x (103 days) to the March 2020 Low Valuation Base of 41 days and at a US 30 Year bond of 1.59 percent … Will the US 30 Year Bond Turn Negative Within the Next 8 trading days?

The US hegemony is following a 1790 (1/2x initiating fractal)/x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x pattern :: correlating to a 18/36/90/90/54 year fractal pattern. 

The higher and lower high composite equity peak valuations of the global asset debt macroeconomic system are completely deterministic and grow  in time  dependent fractal order to a peak valuation level. Thereafter decay and devaluation occur also in a highly ordered fractal pattern.

Those equity valuations are dependent on long term sovereign  interests rates.  And because of the accumulated enormous unrepayable bad debt load and  entitlement system, those long term sovereign interest rates  over the next 54 years for the US hegemony will negative or close to zero. 

Just like the hegemonic Roman Emperors, Senate and financial system operating in concert over 2000 thousand years ago  debased their currency with base metals, the hegemonic American federal reserve, executive,  and legislative and funding  branch  are, of necessity, debasing its currency with negative or near-zero long term interest rates. And this is the only way forward to maintain the system. The necessary goal is the maintenance  of 401k equity valuations, which provide the glue and the basis for wealth and spending, required  for a principally service-line American  economy.

From the March 2020 low : two interpolated daily  fractals:

1). 13/29/32 days   and  23/50 of 58 days

2) 13/29(41 days)  and 32//  23(4/8/8/6)//50 (9/23/20) days  of 58 days

or x/2.5x  :: 41/103 days  to (secondary) peak valuation

with collapse devaluation 32/72 of 80 days … over the next 8 trading days

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