Lammert Saturation Economics: The 19-27 December 2016 Global 2nd Fractal Equity Valuation Nonlinearity of the System’s 9 March 2009 to 4 October 2011 1st Base Fractal

For the Wilshire, over 8 trillion is expected to to transiently disappear.

The elegance of the Asset Debt Macroeconomic System’s evolving repetitive deterministic mathematical fractal time dependent valuation patterns matches equally  the elegance of the natural harmonic mathematical laws and scientific patterns of the observable universe.

On an hourly bases the 2.0x length for the Wilshire’s 373 week second fractal starting on 4 October 2011 – with its 1.0x base fractal starting on 9 March 2009  and 136 weeks in length- was reached in the week of 12-16 December 2016.  The Wilshire’s peak valuation was on the 5th hour of trading on 13 December 2016 and reached 23.8 trillion dollars.

The Wilshire’s  373-5 week 2-2.5x   decay pattern started on Monday 12 December during  the 373th week and on an hourly basis is  following a 4 phase declining growth pattern of 11/22 of 28/22/15 hours reaching a low on 27 December 2016.

In a transition to trending ever higher valuations based on the global system’s necessary, easily expandable,  and always expanding  sovereigns’ debt, expect a nonlinear loss of  over 8 trillion dollars of nominal Wilshire worth during the  above  cited nonlinear period …



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