6 March 2009 Was the Terminal Day of the 1858 US Hegemonic 152 Year Second Fractal: The US 120 Year Third Fractal: Global Central Bank Monetization of Sovereign Debt and Citizen Pension Obligations Pension

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Welcome to the small alcove for the advancement of cause and effect saturation macroeconomics….. This site has been constructed because of the expected inevitability of a major sudden phase transition to occur at the conclusion of a grand 140 plus-year second fractal cycle starting in 1858. For the masses this phase transition will occur both very unexpectedly and very suddenly.

September 7, 2014 at 1:27 am

March 2009 was a major nadir event for global equity asset val­u­a­tions. For the US It was a 152 year non­lin­ear event.


There­after, the world Cen­tral Banks have demon­strated that bad debt could be mon­e­tized and mon­e­tized very eas­ily with CB net­worked com­put­ers’ one’s and zero’s under­writ­ing over­val­ued assets and sup­port­ing loans to credit unwor­thy con­sumers owing too expen­sive of mort­gages rel­a­tive to their income and refi­nanc­ing at lower and lower trend­ing inter­est rates which were nat­u­rally occur­ring because of lack of demand.

Going for­ward enti­tle­ment debt, sov­er­eign pen­sion debt, i.e., in the US Social Secu­rity oblig­a­tions to 60 mil­lion baby boomers, sov­er­eign bond debt, defense spend­ing, et. al., can be and will be mon­e­tized going for­ward — because there is no other sociopo­lit­i­cal option.

2009 marked the begin­ning the US hegemony’s third equity frac­tal. The next 120 years for the US will be high­lighted by a trend­ing and one’s and zero’s debt driven(with debt also an asset)inflationary asset val­u­a­tion expan­sion — so much eas­ier and more effi­cient than adding base met­als to the ear­lier pure sil­ver coins of the sim­i­lar evo­lu­tion­ary econ­omy of ancient Rome.
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