23-24 April 2013: Asset Debt Saturation Macroeconomics: GLOBAL Small Speculator Population Depletion

The history of the asset-debt macroeconomic world is one of periodic speculative bubbles
where the focus of ‘economic activity’ is shifted from Adam Smith creation of new products useful to living in the real world … to the less work-intensive more profitable (for a time) activity: to the speculative money-gaming of buying and selling derivative virtual assets leveraged by banker and Wall Street created credit.

When the population of small time citizen speculators is TOTALLY depleted… the malinvestment easy-money asset-derivative bubble undergoes valuation collapse – taking with it the real citizen’s useful economy – from which it has sucked and diverted useful citizen credit, useful citizen wealth and useful citizen active engagement in the real economy..

Wall Street and London, et. al.’s  speculative stock and debt exchanges and credit creating asset bubble scams ARE the direct causes of the Major Depressions in the Real Citizens’ Economy.

The global speculative stock market and credit creating asset bubble scams ARE the direct causes of Depressions in the real citizen economy and the subsequent wars between citizen nations who are lead to fight each other rather than direct attention exactly to those counterparties who have created the problem and have accumulated more and more transgenerational wealth over the centuries via their money-changer credit scams.

The Asset-Debt system’s timed based Asset and Debt Valuation Curves are a historical record of recurrent asymptotic saturation depletion of the small citizen ‘investor’ speculator population.

Saturation of the this small speculator population occurs in a Lammert mathematical quantum fractal manner.

Likewise the subsequent devaluation of the derivative asset occurs in a Gompertz-like mathematical quantum fractal manner with necessary fractal counter growth with the larger absolute valuation area of asset valuation decay.

Defacto or otherwise. the current system and its rules represent a societally disruptive generational scam to skim massive amounts of citizen wealth – denominated for the most part in real goods and services – and collusionally perpetrated by those who have the wherewithal to perpetrate.

The height of every speculative asset bubble is defined by complete depletion of the small speculator population. Most of these are citizens in the 99 percent who have been attracted like flies to shit to the seemingly easy way that Wall Street and Wall Street owned political system’s tax laws provide to increase personal wealth.

The big boys get out before the crash. The global Wall Street hedger equivalents sell the market short, put the market, buy cheap low valuation calls, et. al.

When the speculator population is depleted and the derivative assets’ valuation plunge, the asset-debt macroeconomy then undergoes system wide implosion.

Of the one quadrillion  Asset-Debt Macroeconomic System, the greatest telescoped effect is on the citizen based real economy, which represents annually less than 5 percent of the system’s total worth..

The Real Citizen Operating Economy sans 99% real citizen wealth, sans demand related labor, and sans work related credit … is devastated and  undergoes a rapid transformation with real  economic depression conditions and high unemployment.

With the current citizen SSI and Medicare entitlements and current Central Bank Chairman’s understanding of the dire situation, there is a possibility to avoid some of the devastation caused by Wall Street’s scam.

Deflationary Collapse: Debt Default. Asset Valuation Collapse; Hegemonic Debt Nonparadoxical Blow-off

The space energy universe is perfect; the self assembly countervailing asset-debt macroeconomic system is perfect.

Massive ‘unsustainable’ US Debt – easily sustained by a Real Bills Doctrine trading electronic dollars for useful work and easily fulfilling the 80 year old social security contract – (All the created dollars will be immediately circulated in the economy, paying rent to the Rentier class and paying interest on overvalued mortgage loans to banks to maintain their solvency.) –  …  is a delusion.

Do the counterpartys of the 52 trillion dollars of US debt even care, give a wit,  about increasing their wealth at the risk of societal breakdown …  or is this entire social-political process, this 99 % verses the 1 %, this haves verses have-nots – a grand delusional folie a deux taken to the infinite power …??
No sane entity wants a return of the totalitarian regimes of the 1930’s and 40’s that today. coupled with the availability of global nuclear weapons – and high altitude EMP devices capable of  disabling  ‘softer late 20th and early 21st century  electronic devises’ – could destabilize civilization reeking major havoc on the 21st century defense systems and the internet, communication,  food distribution, health care delivery, and transportation systems.

It is time for the major economic political entities: Russian and affiliated, Chinese, SubAsian Continent, European, and North and South American countries to come together and control/eliminate those who would cause mayhem in the world.

Global debt default and Asset Deflationary collapse is at hand; but, unlike in past history, it is manageable …  with the central banking leadership now in place.

                                                And then… the bottom fell out….

Was the Fibonacci third fractal 1.6x growth the top for the Nikkei and TM?  Do the conjoined 2/5/3 day and 2/5/5/3 day 19 day fractal series represent the base fractal  for the TNX blow-off?